Your Water Well Usage During Summer

Your Water Well Usage During Summer 


You and your water well

You and Your water well

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, pool side gatherings, and making sure your water well pump is working properly. During the Summer, you do not want to be left without water during those hot summer days, or family gatherings. 

Within recent months, Aqua Well and Pump Systems has worked on many well pump systems in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, that were not working properly. With minor maintenance and repairs, you could avoid premature pump failure.

One way to know if your own well pump is working properly or not, is a drawdown test. This involves your pressure tank, found in your basement. Directions on how to perform the drawdown test can be found through this link: Drawdown Test. If you did not pass the test, call Aqua Well and Pump Systems today for service!

Call 1 (800) 452-6060 today for our service and any questions you may have about the drawdown test.

We are happy to not only serve Waukesha County, but all of Southeastern Wisconsin.


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