Constant Pressure System

Constant Pressure System

A constant pressure system consists of a pump and motor which reside in your well and is controlled by panel & a water flow sensor located in your basement or utility room.

Benefits of constant pressure system

With constant pressure systems your water pressure will always remain steady and constant regardless of how many family members are consuming water. As more faucets are opened, the pump automatically increases its speed, maintaining your chosen pressure at any flow rate.

Some of the benefits of constant pressure systems are:

  • City like water pressure
  • Selection of desired pressure
  • Better pressure at water fixtures
  • Multiple built in diagnostics to prevent damage to your pump
  • Uses a miniature space-saving and low cost diaphragm tank

How does it work?

Conventional systems run at a fixed unchanging speed, operating only in an ON/OFF mode. Whereas, the constant pressure pump is uniquely designed with an intelligent built-in variable speed motor which can speed up or slow down depending upon the amount of water consumed.

As more water is required, the pump will increase its speed and likewise as less water is required, will slow down. This allows the homeowner to comfortably use for example, the shower, washing machine and irrigation sprinklers all at the same time, and unlike conventional pumps, there will be no loss of water pressure.

Constant Pressure System




Please note: A constant pressure system is only as good as your well. Before you make this investment Aqua always recommends locating a well log or test pumping the well to see how many gpm it produces. If you are considering a constant pressure system please give Aqua a call and we can help guide you in this decision.

Call us today at 1 (800) 452-6060 and talk directly to our knowledgeable staff. They can help answer any of your questions and determine if a tech should visit. Visit our services page to see the other well and pump services we offer.

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