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In some cases, a well pressure tank requires air to be added in order to reach optimal and sustainable water pressure.

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Air Charging Your Pressure Tank

Can I add air to my pressure tank?

There are two different types of pressure tanks

  • Captive Air (pressure tank with bladder or diaphragm)

  • Air Over Water

The type of pressure tank you have will make a difference as to if you can or cannot air charge your tank to resolve the problem you’re having.

Captive Air tanks, although there are always exceptions, will likely need to be replaced and may not be able to be fixed with by air charging. You may still be able to fix your captive air tank with an air charge if your bladder has not failed and is not damaged. Captive Air (bladder) pressure tanks are pre-charged and should hold their charge due to the water and air being separated, this also means that annual maintenance or air charging is not required. If your captive air pressure tank requires attention frequently, it is likely the tank has failed and needs to be replaced.

Air Over Water pressure tanks typically can be fixed by adding more air. The air and water in these tanks are not separated like Captive Air tanks, this allows the air in the tank to dissipate. Air over water pressure tanks will require annual maintenance. Some air over water tanks are maintenance free due to a bleeder assembly located down the well, this is not the case for all. Bleeder systems can fail causing similar issues.

When do I need to add air to my pressure tank?

Air charging your pressure tank will not always fix your issues, sometimes you will need to replace the entire unit. When a pressure tank gets waterlogged and the air within it dissipates, you may notice many different issues:

  • Well pumping system turning on and off frequently while using water (short cycling)

  • Pulsating water pressure through faucets and/or while using water

  • Low pressure

The pressure should feel light or sound hollow, that is an indication that you have proper air in the tank and it is not waterlogged. The pressure gauge located near your pressure tank should operate smoothly when water is being ran within the home or when the well pump has kicked on. A pressure gauge should always range between 40 psi and 60 psi, for most residential homes. If at any time you find your gauge fluctuating rapidly, it’s likely time to service your well pumping system.

How do I know if my pressure tank is short cycling?

As mentioned previously, when your well system is kicking on and off very frequently it is called Short Cycling. If you believe this is happening, before trying to add air to the pressure tank, we recommend starting with the Draw Down Test. The test is simple and will only take a few minutes. If you have any questions about how to do the draw down test or are unsure about the results, give us a call at 1 (800) 452-6060 and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions or schedule a service tech to evaluate the system.

How much air should I put in my pressure tank?

Most residential homes have a pressure switch set 40/60 psi, which indicates the pump turns on at 40 psi and shuts off 60 psi. Pressure tanks should have 2 psi less the “cut in” pressure, the cut in pressure being the psi in which the pump turns on. Pressure switch settings can vary, it's best to be certain of what your pressure switch setting is before adding air to your tank. The proper air pressure in your tank is vital to the operation of your well pumping system. If you are unsure of your pressure switch setting, call our office to schedule a service technician to come out and evaluate.

To get an accurate reading on how much air pressure is currently in the pressure tank prior to air charging, be sure to drain all water from the pressure tank. For additional information, feel free to call our office at 1 (800) 452-6060.

What happens after air charging my pressure tank?

After you have added air (air charged) your pressure tank, you may experience the following:

  • Air in your lines when turning on faucets

  • Dirty discolored water

  • Fixtures/Faucets plugging up

If you are having any issues with your faucets plugging up, we recommend removing and cleaning the aerators on all faucets. If your well pumping system is no longer short cycling and your pressure is consistent – Congratulations, you’ve now successfully completed your air charge!

Adding too much air pressure to your pressure tank can cause the system to run erratically. If this is what you are experiencing after adding air (air charging) to your pressure tank, we highly recommend scheduling a service technician to come out and evaluate your system.

How do I air charge my pressure tank?

Air Charging Instructions

It is highly recommended that a trained technician air charge your pressure tank. The proper air pressure in your tank is one of the most vital parts of your well system. If a pressure tank is not air charged properly, it may lead to inconsistent pressure, a noisy system, and premature failure of your well pump. To schedule a Service Technician to complete the air charging of your pressure tank or for any other well and pump services call us as 1 (800) 452-6060.

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5 stars Outstanding Superior work. Chuck, James and Ashton Thank You for doing such a great job. I would highly recommend Aqua Well & Pump they are the best. Bob, Karen & Buddy

Robert Bialk March 18, 2023

Extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy, as they helped diagnose a problem and did not try to sell me something I didn't need .

Matt Gaecke February 23, 2023

Our well pump went out at 6:30 AM on a winter morning. A service repairman was at our house by 9:30 and water was back on by noon. Excellent communication and service. It was greatly appreciated.

Daniel Gibbon February 9, 2023

We needed to have our well properly abandoned in a limited amount of time. The office staff was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. They took care of the permits and paperwork. The technician James was efficient, courteous, explained things well, and cleaned everything up. Top notch service.

Ken Neitzel February 4, 2023
Dan Kunz February 1, 2023

I called Aqua Well on Monday and Chuck and Logan were at my house by 8:30 am the next morning. They professionally accessed the situation and had a new pump installed by noon. I would highly recommend this company to anyone with well or pressure tank problems.


Very friendly and courteous! Great communication. Arrived when they said they would and price was extremely reasonable! Would recommend highly!

Cynthia Dunham December 13, 2022

Very helpful

Christine Wedward July 16, 2022

Fast and efficient services.. Logan was professional and very knowledgeable!

Mary Beth Winter July 13, 2022

Aqua’s customer service is outstanding! The staff are easy to work with, quick to respond to needs, knowledgeable and able to answer questions. The receptionist Sandy is also very kind and helpful.

Emma Lou Hughes July 1, 2022

We had Logan do a routine inspection of our well. He made some great comments regarding things that should be repaired and addressed. Besides being technically competent he does a great job in answering questions and explaining everything in great detail. He is totally focused on providing great customer service. I highly recommend this man and Aqua Well for well service. The office staff is great too. They kept me informed of when the service would be performed.

Don B June 28, 2022

Our pump went out in Janurary 2022 on the coldest day of the year. We called a different company before and they wouldn't come out for a few days. Aqua did not hesitate & came out the same day. In the process James and Chuck noticed we needed some repair work on the outlet. They took time to explain it all & we were impressed with their knowledge & dedication to continued related environmental education. We had them in June to dig and fix it. We will ALWAYS recommend Aqua to anybody we come across. Stand up workers with quality resaults.

Pete Valentine June 21, 2022

Our well pump and tank went out on us. Aqua Well sent a tech the next day who was able to handle the entire replacement start to finish within a matter of hours. Logan B was polite and professional and got us back up and running in no time at all.

Katrina Cruz May 10, 2022

Our pressure tank was leaking and got same-day service. Logan B. the service representative that came out explained everything thoroughly and replaced the tank in a very timely fashion. I have used them in 2020 to replace our well pump. I highly recommend them.

Ann Pilgreen May 6, 2022

exceptional service from everyone at Aqua ... from Sammy: courteous and quick scheduling to James (2nd generation Aqua technician): timely problem diagnosis, expertly balanced recommendations, and skilled air lift / pump replacement ... couldn't be more pleased with the entire 'Aqua Team Experience' ... thanks to all

Dar BD May 3, 2022

I had Aqua Well and pump meet my service needs in a very prompt, reliable and pleasant manner. I had lost water service and contacted them on a Sunday night.(not an emergency, but was hoping to get up and running as soon as possible) Early Monday morning they contacted me and sent out service personnel to troubleshoot and fix the problems. They were very thorough in explaining what had happened and what was going on. Made suggestions as to how to address the problem and immediately gave multiple remedies. I embraced their knowledge and took their recommendation as to what they believed was the best bet. I feel that the price was fair. The service was excellent. And would and will recommend them to others with well issues that need professional repair and guidance. Thank you so much, and hats off to the young committed service technicians that addressed the repair. Respectfully, Paul Martell

Paul Martell April 18, 2022

Aqua Well was the company that created our well and pump system for our new house over 20 years ago. Recently we had issues with our water pressure in our pressure tank. I explained the symptoms and they had me do a couple of things on my own to help diagnose if I needed a new tank or not. Turns out it was something I could DYI instead of purchasing a new tank or even having a plumber visit....NO CHARGE. What excellent and knowledgeable people! Please use their services.

C Thulhu April 6, 2022

My well pump stopped working suddenly on a Friday evening. I called Aqua and spoke to Sammy who was very friendly & accommodating. She had someone at my house right away. Chad quickly identified some shorts in the well pump wiring and did a high quality repair for a very reasonable price. He tuned up the rest of the system and even took some time to teach me about it when I asked questions. Amazing service!

Jake Thuilliez April 5, 2022

Remodeling an older home and needed a new pressure tank for our well. Our service tech was Logan. He was very knowledgeable and down to earth. Completed the job faster than he quoted. I would definitely recommend Aqua Well

Caleb Kostrzewa April 1, 2022
Alex Blersch March 24, 2022

Friendly operation, knowledgeable.

A. Nelson September 29, 2021

Friendly operation, knowledgeable.

anelso21 (A Nelson) September 29, 2021

Fast and good service

James Beck July 14, 2021
Bill Minett June 25, 2021

Pumping system failed during this drought. Planted over 10K in landscaping this season. I needed help and fast...Called Aqua Well & Pump Systems. Chuck, their service tech, was here in less than 2 hours. He evaluated my pump and determined, due to the age of the unit, the entire system needed replacement. I have a larger pump that required to be pulled by hand as the well was not accessible to a service truck. He called upon three additional service techs, Dan, Chad and James. They worked for 6+ hours in the 90+ heat and humidity - Unbelievable! To make a long story short, they made a hard job look easy. All were polite and professional. They explained to me all of my questions in detail and left my property as clean as it was when they arrived. I cannot say enough about this team! Good Job Guys - You're worth every dollar spent!

Paul Kaye June 22, 2021

We recently were having low pressure issues throughout our home and called Aqua out to evaluate. There is high iron in our area and we've had issues with this in the past, Chuck was able to airlift and chlorinate our well to improve production and break apart some iron deposits down the well. We noticed our pressure increase greatly and we no longer have an issue running multiple faucets/showers at the same time. I highly recommend Aqua Well & Pump, they were prompt, professional and the service was second to none.

Lisa L June 22, 2021

These guys were absolutely the best our well pump had shorted out because it was 67 years old called at 2:00 p.m. their guys were here by 6:00 p.m. dismantled our entire old pump and well replace everything including our pressure tank and all of the electrical up and running by 10:00 p.m. OMG thank you so much they are chlorinating our system and allowing us to clean out all of the old debris as that is what happens with an old system and agitating everything after flushing our system everything is now 100% brand new and I am sure good for a long time their workers are extremely professional and know exactly what code is here in our area and make sure everything is absolutely perfect our family could not be more happy with their service I would certainly recommend this company to anybody with a water or well problem five stars Kevin

AE Honey June 12, 2021

Great service!

erik scrabeck April 8, 2021

Had expansion water tank installed today,Chad the installer did a fantastic job very respectful an very professional I highly recommend this company .

William Huebner March 18, 2021
Tara Duncan February 17, 2021

Bill and Chandler were very kind and professional and worked very quickly. I was impressed with the company's quick response as well. They replaced our water pressure tank.

Krista Duburg February 13, 2021
John Kaiser February 11, 2021

Extremely friendly and informative. I had no water coming to the house, Chuck was at my door in under an hour. Diagnosed the well pump and got started right away. He had the pump replaced, well flushed and chlorinated and was heading out before I even needed to pick my kids up from school. Can't say enough how much I appreciate their speed and service!

Mike Fickau December 29, 2020

They came and fixed a lateral pipe leak. They were able to repair it the same day they came. Very nice guys came out, worked hard and did a good job.

andrea m September 9, 2020

Very impressed with the service and responsiveness. I needed work done on my well pump to satisfy a real estate transaction. They were able to fit me in the same day I called! Staff was friendly, very professional and knowledgeable.

Edward Hoover September 1, 2020

I had a very positive conversation with the person that answered my call. I had air infiltrating into my water system which was quiet problematic. They guided me to call my water conditioning people before they came out to look at things. It turned out that there was a check valve on my iron curtain which was causing the problems. Once that was replaced, I was back in business! They easily could have chose to say.... "sure, we'll come look at it" and I'm guessing it could have cost me a fair amount of money. Thank you Aqua Well & Pump Services for being honest!

Bret Barnes May 1, 2020
Debbie Brooks February 10, 2020

I have used Aqua Well and Pump for the past 3 years and they never disappoint with their services. They are prompt and courteous. Always upfront about pricing as well. Dyan is great at walking through steps to solve problems before even sending someone out to your house.

Katie J January 6, 2020

Great business! Great people! Very informative. Appreciate their honesty.

Traci Kaye November 17, 2019

Great customer service. The best technicians on the planet!!!

Trisha Vuko November 5, 2019
Lars Bonovich August 30, 2019
Brian Vuko January 27, 2019

Wow what a great contractor. Brian came out to our house to analyze the low water pressure problem we were having. Brian quoted us a price on the repairs. The job was done for the same price Brian quoted us. What great service we received and now we have great water pressure also. Thanks you Aqua Well and Pump.

Chad Pekrul November 21, 2017

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