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Aircharge Your Pressure Tank

Step by Step Guide to Aircharge Your Pressure Tank

  1. In order to re-pressurize your system properly, you must know the cut in and cut out pressure settings. This is determined by running the water and watching the pressure gauge. When the pumping system turns on this is your cut-in pressure.  When the pumping system turns off this is your cut-off pressure. The standard settings are 20-40 or 30-50 or 40-60. Your determined amount of pressure is 2lbs less the cut-in pressure(ex:40-60 switch would require 38psi with tank empty)
  2. Turn off the power. This is done by switching off the disconnect box to the water/pumping system or by a breaker located in the electrical service box marked pump/water system.
  3. Turn off outgoing valve to plumbing.
  4. Bypass all water conditioning equipment. This is a very important step, to prevent plugging up conditioning units with sediment.
  5. Open a hose spigot or the sample tap to drain the tank. Apply a small amount of psi with an air compressor to the snifter valve to completely evacuate the pressure tank of all water.
  6. Turn off the hose spigot/sample tap and add the proper amount of air into the tank Your system has now been re-pressurized.
  7. Switch power back on and allow the pumping system to build up to the cut-off pressure. Wait until the pumping system has completely turned off.
  8. Now open hose spigot/sample tap to drain again. Run water until clear of all sediment.
  9. Water conditioning units may be placed back into service.

You have now air charged your pressure tank. Congratulations!

Additional Information about Aircharge Your Pressure Tank

You may experience dirty discolored water, staining, or plugging up of fixtures after recharging a pressure tank. It is highly recommended that a trained technician air charge your pressure tank. Not only will it ensure the job is done properly. With little ease, he can also evaluate the rest of the pumping system to prevent further problems. The proper air pressure in your tank is one of the most vital parts of your well system. If it is not air charged properly it will result in premature failure of your well pump, not to mention low pressure and possibly a noisy system.

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