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Well Drilling

Well Drilling

Understand Your Well

View a visual diagram depicting the many types of private wells constructed in the state of Wisconsin.

A pump is set inside a drilled and “cased” well at a depth below the level of groundwater.

When the pump turns on, water is drawn through the opening in the casing & pushed through pipes to a pressure tank inside the house.

Request a Quote for Well Drilling

Aqua will provide a written well quote for any property in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Please answer all questions below, to aid us in giving you the most accurate quote.

Our bid will include drilling of well, welding on adapter, running water line from well to house, installation of pumping system & pressure tank – ready for a plumber to hook up to. You can also call us at 1 (800) 452-6060 with questions, to request a quote, or schedule a technician to visit.

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Well Drilling Request

  • The Legal Description of your property can be found on your County Tax Records website or on your real estate documents. Ex: Lot, Block, Section/Township/Range
  • This would also include barns and/or outbuildings.
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