Water Testing Instructions

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Water Sampling Instructions For Coliform Bacteria


Samples MUST be collected and mailed OVERNIGHT by noon the same day they’re taken. Samples MUST be received at the lab within 30 hours of collection. Do not mail samples on Thursdays or Fridays. The lab will not test over the weekend.

Sample Kit

  1. Locate water sampling faucet before tank (incoming line between tank and wall). Sampling faucets should be at least 12” off the floor. Place a basin/container under sampling faucet to prevent water leaking onto the floor. Do not take sample from a hose, kitchen faucet or any type of plastic fitting that cannot be properly sterilized with heat.
  2. Turn on a cold water faucet and let run for at least 10-15 minutes. Ex: Bathtub, kitchen sink, outside hose. Keep this faucet running during the whole sampling procedure.
  3. Sterilize the end of the sampling faucet with a flame, for at least one minute, using a propane torch or butane lighter. Turn the sampling faucet on and fill at least a 5 gallon bucket to flush out tap. Do not wipe or wash off the sampling faucet.
  4. Do not open the bottle until ready to collect the sample. Take care not to touch the lip of bottle or inside of the bottle cap. If you must set the cap down be sure that the inside of the cap is facing upward. Fill the bottle within ½” of the top.
  5. Place filled sample bottle into the plastic bag, squeeze out excess air and close zip-lock bag then place in styrofoam container.
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